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Meetings made easy with a VoIP conference call system – Plus cross platform video conferences

Audio conferences

Telephone conferencing is a low cost and effective alternative to expensive and time-consuming business travel. And it’s often a much more efficient way to discuss important issues with colleagues than trying to organise a meeting between several people at one location.

We offer a highly effective and customisable VoIP conference call system for a low monthly fee. We can either provide a standard system to be used by any number of participants or conferences can be customised to your own needs.

Customisation can include options such as company specific announcements, online conference management, and an audio recording facility. You can review recordings online and download them as wav files for use on other devices such as tablets, or smartphones.

You can also use PC-based ‘soft phones’ to access the system, which makes your conference calls completely free. The soft phone links directly into the VoIP conference call system and can be used to dial out to invite people to join your conference.

You may want one simple conferencing facility that you use once a week. Or you may want a system that allows multiple conferences controlled by different groups of users. Whatever your needs, we can provide you with a flexible and functional VoIP call conference call system. And we can set up numbers in many different countries cutting out the need for expensive overseas calls.

There are many different conferencing facilities available, some of which claim to be free to use. However, many telephone conferencing facilities use premium rate numbers, which all participants have to call. Costs vary from 5p per minute to as high as 20p per minute - look out for 084 numbers.

Want to try our service for free? Call us on 0330 122 7220.

Video Conferences

Sometimes audio conferencing is not enough. You want to be able to see and interact more fully with other conferencing users. Through our partnership with Zoom “The Cloud Meeting Company” we can provide video meetings cross platform on almost any device: Windows PC or tablet, Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad, Android phone or tablet. Zoom was founded in 2011 by experienced leaders and engineers from Cisco and WebEx.

The features of the Zoom system include HD video and audio, screen sharing, full screen and dynamic gallery views of participants, telephone dial-in, and much more. Zoom is easy to use having excellent video, audio, and screen sharing quality.

The system include MP4 recording of video and shared content as well as a cloud connector for H.323 or SIP based room systems. Even a full conference room system can be included using Zoompresence supporting up to 100 active video participants and 1,000 webinar viewers.

Contact us to discuss what Zoom conferencing can do for your business.

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