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Let Freedom Ring !!!

FreePBX is much more than just a phone system. It's probably the best Asterisk based implementation around, and certainly the widest used. By some estimates there are over 1 million production FreePBX systems in use around the World and 20,000 new systems being installed every single month. This easily outperforms any other similar system and indeed any commercial phone system.

FreePBX in the UK is also a growing force. With a host of features that make it not only powerful as a Unified Communications platform but highly flexible in any business environment we believe that it can give any company a competitive edge. Not only is implementation simple and low cost, it is also easy to build and maintain advanced system functions not normally available as standard in commercial phone systems.

Whether your initial requirement is for a standard telephone system or a more advanced contact centre system we can assist you with FreePBX in the UK as an office based phone system or now a hosted system via our FreePBXhosting.co.uk infrastucture. FreePBX UK hosting provides the best possible platform your PBX system. We provide you with a virtual PBX system and then either you can configure it and add whatever you need or we can configure the system for you or simply provide advice and guidance on the best way to provide the functions that you need.

Our FreePBX UK hosting system provides all of the flexibility that you need to build a state of the art environment. We can also provide SIP trunking but we very much believe that you should have the freedom to choose your preference of trunking provider for inbound and outbound calls.

For FreePBX in the UK we are the logical choice as through our partnership with Schmooze Com in the US we have access to support from the team who actually build and design the FreePBX system.

With FreePBX UK hosting we provide a full FreePBX system but also include a number of commercial modules which are normally provided only at additional cost. See the FreePBXhosting.co.uk web site for more details of the cost of the service and the features provided.

If the Open Source FreePBX system is not for you then we can also offer the office based PBXact commercial PBX system and the hosted PBXact SaaS system.

For more information on FreePBX in the UK whether an office based PBX or a FreePBX UK hosted system please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any aspects of your requirements that are not covered here.

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