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Looking after your IT network including Linux installation and support

Installing, upgrading and maintaining IT infrastructures is how we started out, so by appointing us you’ll benefit from a wealth of experience, skills and know-how.

We’ll start by finding out what you want from your IT system – now and over the next few years. Then we’ll advise you on the best way to achieve it. That may involve adding to your existing system or completely replacing it with a new one.

Through our extensive network of contacts in the IT industry, we get to know about new technology, how it links together, and about the best providers. Open Source options are usually our first choice because there are no expensive licences, so it’s more cost-effective for you. There’s a range of options including the best-known Open Source product – Linux.

Installation and support includes:

Whatever software we install, we’ll show you exactly how to use it. And we’ll guide users through best practice to make sure your company gets optimum use out of it.

Our service contract will ensure you get continuing support throughout the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure. Clients without an in-house IT facility rely on us to support their entire network including servers, email, and IP telephone systems.

So call us to discuss your needs for everything from upgrades to new systems and Linux installation and support.

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