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Why choose Open Source IP phone systems and IT software?

We believe Open Source software offers our customers many benefits over proprietary products, which is why it’s always our first choice. For example Open Source IP phone systems are much more flexible and feature-rich than standard systems. But what exactly is Open Source?

You may have heard of Linux. Originated by Linus Torvald in the late 1980s, it’s the daddy of all Open Source software. Open Source software is developed under public licence by a community of people, spread across the world. This means it can be downloaded and used free from any licence charges. That’s free as in freedom by the way – not as in free beer!

Many projects are run by groups of enthusiasts with a real passion for what they do, and they rely on donations from users so we always try to contribute. They create and develop products, free from the constraints of large corporates. Consequently the software is often far more innovative, flexible, and feature-rich. All software is scrutinised and quality controlled before it’s released to the public so it’s extremely reliable.

Some Open Source software is free while some has a small charge attached to it, but the important point is, there are no expensive licence fees for the user.

We provide services that integrate Open Source systems with our clients’ existing or new IT infrastructure. They become an important and highly effective part of the company’s IT and business strategy. Our main focus is installing and integrating Open Source IP telephone systems, which transform standard telephony into a highly flexible communication tool with a wealth of features and options.

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