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Easy-to-use Asterisk® dial plan developer tools

A dial plan dictates the flow a call takes from when it’s received to when it’s terminated - and beyond with some post call operations. If you have a reasonable level of system development expertise you should be able to use our Asterisk dial plan developer tools to build very complex and customised plans.

The specific built-in functions and database integration of Asterisk dial plan developer tools make it easy to create and maintain custom plans. All you have to do is drag and drop components into a call flow then link them together to produce the result you want.

Visual Dialplan (VDP) and Integration Server (IS) will work on most Asterisk based implementations including our own PBXact office PBX, PBXact SaaS, and FreePBX hosting systems.

Visual Dialplan

Visual Dialplan (VDP) for Asterisk is a revolutionary visual modeling platform. It enables Asterisk users and consultants to create, maintain and deploy dial plans in an easy, fast, convenient and natural way.

VDP has a windows user interface with drag and drop capabilities, large component library, and templates, making it quick and easy for you to become an Asterisk dial plan developer.

You can visualise inbound and outbound call flows making your contexts and macros descriptive, and validate your dial plan before deploying it on the Asterisk box. So it’s easy to create a new dial plan, maintain or upgrade an existing one, or to test Asterisk IVR, queues, conferencing, voicemail, recording, TTS, ASR and other capabilities.

VDP comes in two versions.

Standard which, includes commonly used components, will be enough in most cases. It covers Asterisk features such as:

Professional has all the features of the Standard edition plus:

Click here for a full feature comparison, then call us to arrange your free Visual DialPlan trial for either version.

Integration Server

Integration Server (IS) is powerful application server that extends Asterisk Visual Dialplan functionality. It’s designed to simplify access to third party database, email and payment servers directly from Asterisk dial plan.

You need VDP Professional to run IS and together they make a very powerful toolset for Asterisk dial plan customisation and database interaction.

IS comes with VDP building blocks that provide an intuitive interface giving easy access to third party servers and services. You can execute SQL queries on a remote database server (MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, HSQL etc.) send emails, process payments and more, directly from within the dial plan.

IS comes with one free license for a database access channel. So one concurrent call can have access to the database at one time. Upgrades are available to suit the number of concurrent channels you need.

Contact us for more information about Asterisk dial plan developer tools.

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